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Currently, along with the boom of NFT games, the number of projects on the market is increasing rapidly.
The Play to Earn experience is no longer merely collecting NFTs, staking and “clicking” for good luck on a landing page.

Mysterian, a long-cherished NFT project, is the answer for those looking for the difference.
With diverse gameplay and abundant NFT system, we ensure the balance between user experience and attractive Play to Earn rewards.

Imagine leaving your boring daily life behind and falling asleep. When you wake up, in front of your eyes is a strange and full of monsters world called Mysterian.
Here, you are randomly given an elemental power (fire, earth, ice, thunder, darkness or light) and begin your journey. Along with the new mission, you also meet other
friends and fight together.
Mysterian is full of monsters and valuable treasures, can you explore the mysteries of this land to fight against the monsters?

Begin your journey today!

• Diverse NFT system.
• Valuable rewards (Token & NFT).
• Diverse gameplay (PVE, PVP, Land, Fusion, Smithy, Clan
• Staking: Coming Soon.

NFT Support:Yes

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