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NFT Champions

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Take your journey across different regions and embark on the epic adventure of a lifetime! Discover hidden side-quests, as your journey continues. The pool of available quests increases to challenge you in unique ways.

Advanced Battle System:
The composition of your team will be a key determining factor in how well players rank in matches. The individual stats of NFTs will determine block rate, base attack strength, skill attack strength, accuracy, speed, MP, Health, Regeneration, Resistance to debuffs, and the success rate of Counters. In addition to base stats and special attack skills, NFTs also come with unique traits that give them various abilities. (EX: Beast King: Obtains a defense & speed buff when left as the last fighter. ) These components are used to provide a key skill gap that will keep gameplay competitive.

Play-To-Earn System
Win tournament & online PVP matches for cash rewards.
● Beat players in online raid events and get exotic drops.
● Buy & hold land or NFTs to get passive rewards.
● Train & evolve NFTs to increase their resale value.
● Buy and trade rare NFTs.

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