Nifty League: Nifty Smashers

Nifty League: Nifty Smashers

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Welcome to the Nifty League! Our mission is to create a leading NFT gaming platform through community governance and development.

You can design, mint, and play as your personal character(s) to compete and earn rewards within our community including our ecosystem's token; NFTL. Purchasing an Ethereum DEGEN unlocks our games granting you admission to future public tournaments as well as providing you with some NFTL to start your journey with our DAO.

This is our first game, Nifty Smashers! An NFT brawler for you to battle it out with your friends and Crypto Twitter. We have several upcoming game options that we’ll develop based on community input but ultimately hope to see our platform’s growth reach limits unseen with the support of community devs. Interested in building games with us? Join our DAO today!

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