Norma in Metaland: Cooking Adventure

Norma in Metaland: Cooking Adventure

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Join Norma on an exciting cooking journey and let your inner chef shine in this thrilling cooking simulation game. Explore diverse recipes, create delicious dishes, and build your culinary empire. Get ready to tantalize taste buds and leave a lasting impression on every customer that walks through your restaurant's doors.

🍧Satisfy the Taste Buds💯
Put your cooking skills to the test as you prepare and serve delectable dishes to your hungry customers. From sizzling steaks to decadent desserts, every order is an opportunity to showcase your culinary expertise. Keep your customers happy and watch your reputation soar!

👩‍🍳Build Your Culinary Empire🍽️
Step into the shoes of a restaurant tycoon and take charge of your very own culinary empire. Upgrade your restaurant, design captivating dishes, and attract customers from all walks of life. The success of your restaurant lies in your hands!

🏅Challenge the World Chef Championship and Rise to the Top👍
Prove your skills and compete against talented chefs from around the world in the prestigious World Chef Championship (WCC). Rise through the ranks, showcase your culinary expertise, and aim for the ultimate title of the world's greatest chef. You could be the winner of a huge amount of $CANDY along with the honor of being the best chef in the world!

🖼️Collect Norma NFTs and Enhance Your Gameplay🍓
By equipping Norma NFTs in the game, you gain access to a plethora of exclusive benefits and bonuses. Enhance your gameplay, unlock special abilities, and showcase your personalized collection of Norma NFTs. You can even acquire Norma NFTs through platforms like Opensea, expanding your options to obtain these valuable digital assets.

💰Wealth Awaits with $CANDY🍭
As you progress in the game, accumulate $CANDY through various in-game activities, such as completing challenging quests and satisfying customers' cravings. Embrace the power of Play-to-Earn and unlock new opportunities for wealth accumulation.

NFT Support:Yes

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