One World Nation

One World Nation

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"One World Nation (OWN) is a gaming Cryptoverse set up on a planet called Crypton. It is a world where your favourite cryptos come to life. Imagine if Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc. were represented by a Warrior - Cryptonite. Each Cryptonite is a unique NFT that you can own, collect and use it to play games on the platform.

The objective of the game is to create a winning team of 5 Cryptonites which will gain the maximum number of points within a specified period of time. Points will be awarded to each Cryptonite of the team based on the performance of the underlying crypto in the real world.

Cryptonites are NFTs belonging to one of 12 Crypto clans. This Cryptoverse has fun games & activities with underlying mechanics same as that of crypto markets. Most of the activities are designed in the Play to Earn format."

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