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Welcome to Sacred Tails, challenging the stereotypes and focusing first on building a truly fun and immersive experience

At ONEverse, we see a future where players can immerse themselves in a fully-realized virtual world with a rich storyline, robust game modes, and real-world value. We want to bring together the best elements of gaming, blockchain technology, and social interaction to create a truly unique experience.

A mysterious asteroid crashes into a young star just minding its own business. But it just so happened that this hurling rock wasn't merely a compact ball of dirt. No, this random asteroid held the key to life, one-of-a-kind energy that only it possessed. After its collision, the star would begin to pulse a bright green… for… whatever reason. I dunno ask someone smarter. But what I can tell you is that this pulse held the first little bits of life, small microfauna being carried by its waves of light.

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