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Onigiri is a Free-to-Play MMO Action-RPG available for PC, iOS/Android, Playstation 4 & 5 and Nintendo Switch. Originally released in 2013, Onigiri has over 5 million downloads worldwide. The title features fast-paced action, player versus environment gameplay in a beautiful ancient Japanese setting, with more than 100 companion characters to choose from in-game. With Onigiri, CyberStep has developed a long-lasting relationship with a community of loyal fans, not only in Japan but also across Asia and North America. As a result of the popularity of the game, an anime series was developed around it, which highlights its appeal.

Catheon Gaming will bring its deep expertise and network in blockchain, NFTs, gaming and Web3 to assist CyberStep in creating new products and services that will amplify digital fandom around the franchise and game.

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