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Organya is a football turn-based strategy game where players build decks composed of RealFevr NFTs and battle against each other. The NFTs are sports video moments such as goals and saves from the world's top football players.
The main objective, like in a real football match, is to score more goals than the opposition before the time expires.

🟣 The Moments

RealFevr NFTs are called “Moments”. They become items (game-assets) in Organya that you, as a coach, will assemble in decks to compete with your opponents. These Moments are bought in Packs or in Organya’s P2P marketplace on the BNB Chain.

Organya is a free-to-play game. You don’t need to purchase any Moments/packs to play the game.

🟣 Rewards

In Organya, there are different types of rewards: tokens ($FEVR, $BNB, ...), tickets, XP, NFT moments, and packs.

To win rewards you can play the Daily Game Quest (that gives you increasing rewards if you keep your daily game streak for 30 days) or secure victories in the competitive Game Modes (which require you to deposit a ticket to enter) for better rewards.

There are also sporadic Special Events that grant you amazing prize pools chosen by RealFevr & Partners (prizes starting at 1000 USDT for example).

🟣 How to Get Started

If you want to try Organya, go to and create an account through MetaMask/TrustWallet or Wallect Connect. Then select Play Now to download the game (developed in Unity). After installing, you’ll complete the two Tutorial matches and receive 53 Starter Moments to start your journey.

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