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One liner - NFT based civilization game
Pandora Invasion is a strategy civilization game inspired by Clash of Clans. Players build an army of Champions to invade other players' fortresses for bounty or collaborate to fight common enemies such as dungeon bosses.

Key difference between Pandora Invasion and other traditional games is that every player has ownership over the game. Champions are NFT tokens for players to keep.
Through ownership of Pandora Coins (DORA), players can cast their vote to make key decisions about the future of
the community, such as new Champion direction and battle reward distribution.

Managing your Champions (Persistent)
Players can feed Champions with some cooldown to gain experience. Once your Champion reaches a certain threshold of experience, you can level up your Champion. You can also give items to the Champions granting different types of buffs.

Champion attributes
Champions have attack points, health points and other minor traits. As they level up, they
become stronger.

Some of the key Champion attributes are the following:
Elements - Fire, Water, Ice, Poison, Psychic
Roles - Tank, Assassin, Mage, Ranged, Support
Class - Light, Medium, Large
Skills - thunderbolt, fire breath, defensive barrier
These metadata are ERC721 standard metadata which cannot be tampered.

Battle (PvP)
The actual gameplay resembles that of the auto-chess. When a user has more than 3 tier one
Champions, the user can attack other lands. The attack consists of placing Champions in battle
formation. The Champions will go on their way to fight. They will prioritize enemies that attack
them first. The main goal is to raid the enemy fortress and loot bounty. Champions need to
regain energy after participating in a battle. This process can be facilitated by feeding or using

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