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Piratera is an adventure game with attractive gameplay, fascinating storyline and unique game art; in which players are able to earn tokens by joining in-game battles or contributing to the ecosystem.
Getting in Piratera world, players will assume Pirate Captain roles of exploring the sea, broadening new horizons and conquering massive treasures. Players are also able to communicate, engage in combats, carry on trades and be shoulder-to-shoulder together on every quest.
The next stage is introduce our own metaverse. Piratera Metaverse - PIRAVERSE opens a stunning world for everyone to get immersed in, play, and earn. We believe that "the real metaverse" is not about the mere virtual world, but also the multi-sensory activities, connections, interactions and communities we yield inside. We do not just build up a world; we create a lively society for you in Piraverse.
That is the easy and exciting way we provide to connect people from anywhere and at any time.

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