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Pixtalgia is a world beyond time.The atmosphere is inspired by the classic NES amiga.
Featuring many crypto references, it's a tribute to the golden age of console gaming.
This story is just beginning and it's growing day by day, including lore and characters created by
numerous NFT creators and players. Every character, regardless of their oddities, is conceived in
such a way that they never feel out of place or out of time in the world.
Inspired by games such as Metroid, Castlevania, Zelda, Pixtalgia aims to create an
ecosystem/metaverse of games with blockchain and NFT features, inspired from the retro pixel-art
aesthetic but with up-to-date innovation, staying focused on the fun, fast, vintage console style
The Gameplay of Pixtalgia is inspired by the classic 2D Platformer style and the “Metroidvania”
genre (a variant of the Platformer which gives a lot of importance to Items, Character Upgrades, and
has a very big world to explore, return to old areas and find new paths when you have access to
higher tier equipment), but will allow an interesting experience for different kind of players.
For the less experienced, you will be able to visit Pixtalgia cities and Creator’s Expositions, skipping
all the enemies and perils. There will be easy levels and more extreme challenges (in the style of the
famous superhard NES Gameplay!) with cool rewards for the hardcore players.
The characters
There are a lot of funny characters in the world of Pixtalgia. Some will aid the players, and some
will be there only to cause trouble! But all of them will be memorable!
Their inspiration comes from video games:
● The crypto world
● Current events
● Pop culture
● Blockchain creators.
A lot of new characters will constantly be added to populate the worlds of Pixtalgia.

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