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Embrace the unknown and leave your mark in the abyss – your legacy awaits!

Providence is a 3rd person game that combines survival and rogue-lite elements on exotic, shattered alien worlds. Players take on the role of a Trailblazer, exploring fragments of destroyed planets that float above the abyss of a singularity, filled with wild vegetation, exotic creatures, mysterious alien vaults, and plenty of rare resources.

Players start by establishing a permanent base of operations on larger, more stable asteroids called Homesteads, using the resources they can find around them. Alien plants and creatures are spread across the landscape, providing plenty of material to survive and prepare for the more dangerous, and profitable, expeditions to come. Once ready, Trailblazers embark on expeditions to Slipworlds, asteroids on the brink of falling into the singularity, rich in rare resources and lost tech vaults. Players must make strategic decisions about what to bring with them on each run, as each Slipworld is different, providing unique challenges based on the characteristics of the world, as well as if other Trailblazers might be there hunting for an easy score. Each run is a race against time – do you go for a quick run with a few trips of bulkier raw materials? Do you work with friends and build an on-site base instead to process raw resources into goods easier to transport, scoring an even bigger haul? Do you drop on a PvP-enabled Slipworld and try to pirate other players’ work and take their spoils? The clock is ticking before the Singularity pulls in the Slipworld and its treasures are lost forever, so make your choice and get to work!

This is survival in the loop, so players must make smart choices to maximize their yields on each run. Then it’s all about returning n to their Homestead and utilizing those bounties to expand and improve their operations, expanding their crafting, and get back out there for the next adventure.

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