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Collect. Build. Destroy.
Players collect robots (Rampagers). Improve their Rampager by adding weapons, armor, driving
skills, and other items, owning every piece of their Rampager as a collectible asset.

The goal is to build the best damn robot you can assemble. Once it’s ready, there’s no working
together to bring peace to the universe and build a community of harmony.

The time is upon you to seek out your opponents and destroy them!
Robo Rampage consists of two components: A Strategy Fighting Game and a Collectible Game.

Rampagers challenge random opponents or a specific user, seeking to defeat them and own a
piece of their fallen enemy forever. But be careful; losing a battle may mean losing a piece of
your Rampager. And what’s gone is gone for good.

If one opponent isn’t enough, throw your hat in the ring against nine other competitors in a
winner-take-all Robo Royale.

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