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RobotWars is a Defense strategy game built on the BSC platform.

Players get their robots via the opening of Rubics. To defend humanity, our Robot will fight the Destroyers in WARFARE and receive $WAR token.

The Marketplace system will also allow for the purchase and trade of weapons, upgrades, and robot swaps.

RobotWars employs a Play-to-Earn paradigm to generate WAR through games while also boosting the value of user NFTs with future features.
NFTs can be freely exchanged for WAR tokens on the market, which can subsequently be traded on exchanges or converted to fiat currency.
Currently, the player can begin earning using the following methods:
Use the Robot Warrior NFTs to protect the Earth against Destroyer's invasions and earn $WAR
Gathering Elements to increase the power of Robot Warriors and thus increase the payout per defense.
Collecting high ranked Robot Warriors, buy and sell them on Marketplace for $WAR.
Merging NFTs for stronger ROBOTs

NFT Support:Yes

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