Rocket Venture

Rocket Venture

Updated: Sep 15, 2021 Beta

Rocket Venture is World's First NFT Blockchain Game where you can earn up to 100x on your base rewards!

Only 10,000 Rockets can be minted

Craft your rocket: Build your rocket by using your $RKTV! Over 12 Rockets are to be launched with fuel ranging from Electricity to Alien Fuel!

Test your luck on the Launch Mission: Fly into space (free of charge) and earn $RKTV up to 100x! Exit the rocket before it explodes.If you exit before the crash, all the accumulated earnings are yours!

Claim your Rewards: Cash out your launch rewards and go into space again! Some rockets can launch more than others so look out for that.

Each rocket can launch 3 times per day no matter the rarity. However, the higher the rarity, the higher the base reward!

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