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Rocket Venture

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Rocket Venture is World's First NFT Blockchain Game where you can earn up to 100x on your base rewards!

Only 10,000 Rockets can be minted

Craft your rocket: Build your rocket by using your $RKTV! Over 12 Rockets are to be launched with fuel ranging from Electricity to Alien Fuel!

Test your luck on the Launch Mission: Fly into space (free of charge) and earn $RKTV up to 100x! Exit the rocket before it explodes.If you exit before the crash, all the accumulated earnings are yours!

Claim your Rewards: Cash out your launch rewards and go into space again! Some rockets can launch more than others so look out for that.

Each rocket can launch 3 times per day no matter the rarity. However, the higher the rarity, the higher the base reward!

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