Satoshi Legions

Satoshi Legions

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The year is 2030. The world is ruled by the oppressive Defenders of Fiat, leaving those who refuse to submit to their rule to struggle in the shadows of the Outskirts. But a spark of hope has ignited in the hearts of the people. Whispers of a rebellion led by Satoshi The Creator, a revolutionary mastermind, spread through hidden strongholds. His followers, waiting for his command, prepare for the fight of their lives. As the rebellion gains momentum, the DOF launches a brutal crackdown, unleashing violent gangs to crush the uprising. The people are vastly outnumbered and outmatched, but Satoshi The Creator has one last ace up his sleeve: the Bioprinter, a revolutionary technology that may just tip the scales in the people's favor. From all corners of the world, heroes will rise to challenge the DOF and reclaim the Outskirts!

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