Shattered Legion

Shattered Legion

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MMOSLG blockchain game set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. PLAY IT YOUR WAY, PLAY TO EARN

1. Lord Skills

Each time the lord’s level increases, the lord can obtain skill points, the higher the level, the more the skill points. The lord can gain experience points by upgrading buildings, completing tasks, etc. When the experience points are full, the lord’s level automatically increases.

2. Equipment Library

3. Forging

There are 12 types of crafting materials: Nanochip, Nanoscope, Heart of Technology, Leather, Universal Tape, Green Crystal, Blue Crystal, Yellow Styst, Aliform Energy, Power Core, Tempered Glass, and Potion.

4. Arms

Lords can build Infantry Battalions (to train infantry), Guerilla Warfare (to train cavalry), Artillery Corps (to train artillery units), and Armored Vehicle Force (to train siege vehicle units), etc., in the city.

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