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Slime World is a defense genre game that prevents enemies from attacking the world where cute slimes live.

It is characterized by the combination and placement of slime so that anyone who kills the dark slime around the field within a limited time can enjoy it casual and light.
The color of the slime that is summoned so that every stage is not boring is random.

The main purpose is to eliminate as many enemies as possible passing by the border while placing their own slime inside a square map. If you have not been able to deal with it, your heart-shaped stamina will be reduced, and the game will end when all of these hearts disappear.

Every time you kill your enemies, you get gold, and you can use it to summon more slime, or you can upgrade the ability of your mainstream slime. My taste is also important, but I have to think about many parts because I have to consider the type or number of enemies appearing on each map, the frequency of appearances, and the number.

At the first start, the color of the first slime that appears with 200 gold is randomly determined, and the color that is then summoned by investing gold is also determined randomly among red, blue, and yellow. Therefore, the game of the stage may change depending on what color is summoned every time.

To get more gold and easily unlock the game, you need to open another mining slot next to you, which you can buy in stores. The more gold you earn each round, the easier it is to summon or upgrade, so it is advantageous to survive longer.

If you kill your enemies while enduring until you have a game over, you can check the number of enemies you have killed so far and the amount of Orihalcon you have earned as a reward.

You can exchange this collection of Orihalcon for Nada Token (NADA Coin) on the Exchange menu within the in-game.

The exchange offers a variety of information about tokens, including wallet connections and Nada token exchange rates.

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