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Solaknights is an open world MMO.

We inspire to be similar to like Breath of the wild + Shadow of the colossus + Dark souls combined.

There will be a total of 20,000 characters minted. 10,000 will be Solaknights 2d with colored backgrounds that are determined by rarity, and the other 10,000 will be Solaknights 3D, which all come with an animation such as our Solaknight Welcome Warrior (Available when Metaplex's Buy Now capability is released! ). We are going to do environment / accessories as well.

Game Development
Here at Solaknights, we have integrated our characters with Unreal Engine 4/5. By owning a 3D version of the NFT, you will be able to connect your wallet so you can use the skin, animations as emote, and all the gear with it in our upcoming games! Solaknights is based on the Solana blockchain using Unreal Engine technology to connect them together.

Each Solaknight character is randomly generated daily on Unreal Engine until we hit 10,000 of each 2d and 3d versions. See below for the rarity chart! Pricing of rarities are programmed to go up on a fibonacci scale. Partnered creations are not included in the 20,000 mints as well as rarity for Solaknights, they work as a separate entity.

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