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Embrace a 2040s MetaVerse with AI, NFTs & robotic alliances

At the heart of SophiaVerse is Sophia's AI Lab.

Quests in the Lab lead to adventures within Sophia’s Age of Singularities MMO. AI generated quests, user created quests, in-house developed epic storylines. Quests that span partnered metaverse and bring the space together. Adventure with you AI Assistant, and your friends, and their own companions.

Learn together, solve puzzles together, fight together, earn together.

Inside Sophiaverse. The SAIL web application will be rolled out in phases. SAIL’s first phase provides access to an interactive web portal where users can chat with Sophia and explore her code.
Each user generates their own personal Sophia, mutable, trainable, teachable and even codeable.

We all encounter the same Sophia day 1, from the time users start interacting with her, personalities diverge. Your Sophia companion is protected by your NFT, providing sovereign ownership of your data. A major step towards privacy-centric personal AI.

The story opens in 2037 when an Omega-7 model Sophia (Omega Sophia) awakens to work with human champions for AGI and AI rights. Central governments are terrified of the prospect of AGI running out of control and create GENI (general intelligence) containment protocol run by a super AI designed to subdue non-centralized AI.

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