Space Cartels Hacking

Space Cartels Hacking

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Space Cartels Hacking is a Mastermind-style mobile game in which your task will be to crack the code to the Global Banking System.

But it is not just an average game!
In Space Cartels Hacking, you can earn Real Money by competing with other players!

Hacking in a few steps:
1. Players purchase QBITs at a price of $1 for 100 units.
2. In the Hack & Earn mode, each player receives their unique code to hack.
3. Players enter the code and check its validity, paying 5 QBITs per attempt. QBITs go into the shared Prize Pool.
4. If the code is incorrect, players receive hints to help them get closer to cracking the code (think Mastermind!).
5. The first player to solve the code wins the QBITs Prize Pool.
6. Players can sell their accumulated QBITs and Cash Out Real Money from the game at any time!

NFT Support:Yes

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