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Spinblade is a unique play-to-earn game blended with blockchain technology without disturbing the main elements of the modern-looking spinning tops. The game itself is inspired by one of the most loved childhood games of the early 2000s.

Essentially, there are four types of Spinblades in the game: Attack, Defence, Stamina, and Balance. In addition, each type of Spinblade has three parts: Power Ring, Metal Disc, and Tip. Players can earn unique parts by winning exclusive battles or tournaments as well as obtaining from in-game content. With plentiful elements and features the game has, Spinblade offers a dynamic, quick, and competitive gameplay experience. The main purpose of Spinblade is simple: Collecting & customizing a Spinblade, battling in the arena, and earning prizes.

What makes the game unique is that each part of each Spinblade is an NFT, and this gives players an opportunity to forge their own Spinblades. It is not necessary to forge a customized Spinblade to start playing the game, however, players need to own at least one Spinblade to get onboard.

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