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Stamford Skirmish

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Stamford Skirmish consists of five main characters. Archer, Gladiator, Knight, Monk, and
Mercenary. Each character has five levels and these levels are indicated by the number
of stars on the side of the NFT. The higher the level of the character, the rarer it is and
the more powerful its attributes are in the game. Level one, represented by 1 star, has
600 instances per character. Level 2 has 500 instances per character, Level 3 has 400
instances per character. Level 4 has 300 instances per character. Level 5 has 200
instances per character

Stamford Skirmish is the name of our game. The Battle of Stamford Bridge took place at
the village of Stamford Bridge, East Riding of Yorkshire, in England, on 25 September
1066, between an English army and a Norwegian army. With inspiration from this battle,
players are to build a deck of cards to battle in either a 5 v 5 cards or a 2 v 2 cards battle.
All battles take place on a bridge. Players will be required to either build an attacking or
defensive squad based on the army they get assigned. Different character combinations
have different effects on a character's attributes. Full game strategy will soon be found
on the game strategy tab of our website.

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