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Stonebind is a multiverse filled with heroes, companions, artifacts, mounts, spells, mythical and celestial beings that are called ZOEs (beings). Zoridium (ZOI) features a community-driven player ownership economy where users have complete ownership of their digital assets (NFTs and Tokens) so that they can buy, sell, trade, and exchange their assets to build their collection, play the game, become legends, and increase the value of their collection

The NFT Trading Card Game, that allows players to enjoy the game while also collecting digital assets. The idea behind this game is to create a unique independent economy of the NFTs, while also providing a tool for using the NFTs to play the game.

Get ready to enter Stonebind multiverse. Don’t worry we have something for everyone. You want to see and try before you become a [USER/GAMERNAME], check out the DEMO version. No fees, no purchases, just play and have fun. Complete five (5) quests, beat the AI on Legend Difficulty get reward with the “From Rags to Riches” Emblem. See info on Emblems in Mastery section.

Enter the Stonebind multiverse and begin your journey towards becoming the next multiverse, Legend. Only a true [USER/GAMERNAME] can complete quests, this is not an easy achievement. You will be challenged, pushed, and tested to see if you have what it takes to rule the Stonebind multiverse.

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