SupDucks (The SupDucks Metaverse)

SupDucks (The SupDucks Metaverse)

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Ever wanted 10,000 friends? Well you're about to cop your one-way ticket to the sickest clubhouse on the block...chain. The generous overlords at MegaVoltCorp have painstakingly hand drawn some of the dopest and I mean dopest MFin’ artwork so you can have an avatar you’re not ashamed of.

The SupDuck Metaverse
3d worlds and voxels are dope, but nobody can deny that 2d just hits different.
We’re taking the Boardwalk into the 2nd dimension. You’ll be able to play as one of your Ducks and customize your bungalow (spending your Tokens to buy some dope furniture and goodies), play games against friends, flick boogers at your friends, and hang out. There’s so much more… but not yet.

Think: that nostalgic Simpsons game from the arcade, but SupDucks.

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