Surviving Soldiers

Surviving Soldiers

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Surviving Soldiers is developed to provide an entertaining user experience and earn profits simultaneously. Surviving Soldier's NFT ecosystem comprises of Farming in missions and Market place.
More than a game, Surviving Soldier offers a solid proposition for players to earn money from the game.

Surviving Soldier is set in the year 2500 in the future, humans in the past after going through many wars and conflicts between world powers, humanity evolved becoming a race of veteran soldiers experts in wars, combined with new technologies and artificial intelligence that dominated, their thirst to reach the "PERFECT" soldier did not stop.
Thus, secret missions were initiated where they experimented with veteran soldiers to reach perfection, however a bad combination created a "VIRUS" that turned the human into a kind of Zombie gaining incredible skills, retaining their gifts of soldiers but losing their human condition.
Despite all attempts to control these zombies, many of them escaped, destroying everything in their path and turning more and more people into zombies.
Faced with this situation, the major powers joined forces They selected the best veterans in the world and fused them with "Titanium", an element that makes them much more powerful and superior to ordinary humans.

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