The Gainlings

The Gainlings

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The Gainlings introduce a thrilling fusion of competitive battles and play-to-earn dynamics on Arbitrum One.

Imagine a showdown tournament where tokens engage in fierce combat, striving to snatch one another's valuable minting-power.

Every token acquires unique traits during the minting process. These traits determine a token's combat prowess, with attack and defense influencing battle strength, and each weight point adding precious seconds to the cooldown period. All these attributes are securely tucked within the token's metadata. The smart contract also securely houses vital information like "bounty" and "stack" for each NFT.

The bounty signifies potential earnings for victors who conquer this token in combat. On the flip side, the stack reflects the current earnings. The initial fee paid by the creator establishes the starting bounty of the token.

Once the minting phase concludes, the grand arena opens its gates, enabling tokens to clash head-to-head. Each duel is a one-on-one spectacle, a struggle for survival.

Defeat spells the end, as the vanquished token faces incineration. The loser's bounty splits evenly, with half boosting the winner's stack and bounty. If the loser had accrued treasures in their stack, these riches automatically transfer to the holder of the scorched token. The victor, though, must take a breather, entering a cooldown phase commensurate with their equipment weight, during which they can't launch an attack.

The game rages on until only a solitary token remains standing. The ultimate champion reaps a double reward: both their bounty and stack.

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