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Tiny Titans is intended to be a Tamagotchi-meets-Pokémon like experience for its users. The team therefore created a dApp which allows a user to hatch his/her very own and unique Tiny Titan with. Once a user minted a Titan, he can help it grow by sending it into battle against other Titans, leading it to gain experience, increase its level and boost its overall strength - all while taking care of it by feeding it once in a while. The reward for this is the unique Tiny Titans token (TITS), which can only be minted during a fight and which will serve as an ingame currency for upcoming features.

The initial release happened with the base 300 Titans to keep an exclusive and truly unique flavor to them. As the game is 100% blockchain driven, each interaction between the user and his/her Titan is a transaction on the Binance Smart Chain and visible to everybody.
This makes the game unique, as most other blockchain driven projects rely on NFTs (which in most cases simply consist of a link to an off-chain stored image) stored on the blockchain, while all the game logic is executed and stored off-chain - leaving the power of will to the developers. Just imagine what happens if their server shuts down and no longer provides the artwork for their NFTs or the game logic - this can’t happen with the approach Tiny Titans chose.

Welcome to the future of the crypto gaming industry. Welcome to decentralized gaming.

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