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TRACER is the First Non-Ponzi Move-and-Earn dapp.
TRACER’s sustainable tokenomics is made by collateralizing profit to NFTs & tokens, plus deflationary social-games and composable 3D NFTs.
Currently ranking No.1 in Polygon NFT market in OpenSea.

[ Partners ]
GC, NEAR Protocol, Polygon Studios, OnePlanet, Haechi Labs, DerbyStars, TheMars, Klaydice, Sunmiya Club, AnotherWorld, The HANA, DavaProject, Voiceverse, SheepFarm, Suhoshin

- No.1 in Polygon NFT Market 24h, 7days, 30days in just 6 days after launch
- 10K collection sold-out at $100 each, in 1sec on 22.09.08 bear market

[TRACER - Solving the major problems in M2E Market]
Problem #1. No intrinsic value of tokens, NFTs
Solution. Collateralizing minting profit to NFT shoes, No Breeding NFTs, buying back utility tokens by advertisement profit, user healthcare data selling profit(in users consent)
Problem #2. No deflationary sinks
Solution. More than 3 deflationary games, selling accessories, burning utility token for repair

[ Product & Features ]
- Launched app in 6 weeks
- Move-n-Earn
- Composable 3D NFTs
- Land Monopoly game(utility token burning mechanics)
- Tier System with leaderboards
- Local Team Battle mode(utility token burning mechanics)
- Step Betting mode(utility token burning mechanics)
- In-app NFT marketplace
- 3D shoe simulator

NFT Support:Yes

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