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Explore Valtreas, slay bosses & trade your loot.

The game is built on the Immutable platform, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that provides fast and secure transactions with zero gas fees. This enables players to enjoy the game’s rich in-game economy and trading aspects without worrying about the high costs and slow transaction times associated with the traditional Ethereum network.

Play and Own!
Every item dropped in Valtreas is truely YOUR loot and can be freely traded on Immutable.

Hunt the 3 orbs of unity! These three spheres, known as the Orbs of Unity, were believed to hold the key to restoring Valtreas to its former glory. For centuries, the spheres remained hidden and protected, ensuring that the world of Valtreas remained safe from the darkness that had shattered it so long ago. But now, as the forces of evil begin to stir once again, the guardians of the spheres must be ready to fight for their land and their people, using the power of the spheres to defeat the darkness and restore the world to its former glory.

Each sphere can only be found a single time in game and harnesses unimaginable power.

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