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Warrior Viking

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Warrior Viking is an open-world NFT GAME MMORPG built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, a game set in the Viking era of the 8th century, when these warrior warriors ruled part of Europe and were feared by all.

The great ambition of these legendary fearless warriors was always the land and its riches, which forced them to venture into the Nordic seas in search of new territories and all that it could offer them.

Viking Warrior, also brings this ambition to you, territories and islands, explore mines for gold, build houses for your civilization, hunt monsters from Norse mythology and get gold for your heads to conquer, or even explore the vast oceans, in search of more, “always more” that is our Viking motto.

We are a big world full of adventures, conquests, challenges, and above all, full of riches for you to explore or simply enjoy the beautiful landscapes that the game will provide, all inspired by the main reliefs of Scandinavia.

Come on adventure and, with the blessings of the god Odin, the father of all, become the next Ragnar Lothbrok.

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