X Heroes: NFT War

X Heroes: NFT War

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X Heroes: NFT War is the most advanced collectible turn-based strategy RPG on WEB3 which allows you to acquire MEVerse Play Token through deep strategic gameplay.
Players can mint their collected heroes into NFTs to trade on the marketplace.

What is MEVerse Play Token (MPL)?
MPL is a reward coin that can be obtained by playing X Heroes: NFT War. You can exchange it for other types of virtual assets on MEVersedex.io, which is a decentralized exchange operated by the company.

* How to obtain MPL: Daily quests and NFT mission clears. Earn prizes in monthly championships (with a prize pool of $11,000 per month).
* How to use MPL: Can be used to purchase in-game items. Can be exchanged for other virtual assets of your choice on MEVersedex.io

GAME Features
1. The fun of intense turn-based strategy battle
2. The enjoyment of completing your hero collection
3. Various Game System
4. Automatic battle system with the highest level of convenience
5. Colorful and dynamic gaming graphics

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