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Zuraverse is a unique PEC (Play-Earn-Conserve) model of gaming where players can earn economic incentives and also conserve nature while playing fun and intuitive multiplayer games and experiencing an unparalleled immersive XR enabled metaverse using $ZURA, the main utility token of the platform.

Zuraverse is the metaverse for the sustainable planet, where we aim to provide an unparalleled experience in the virtual world while taking measurable actions for conservational activities in the real world.

Zuraverse is a novel PEC (Play, Earn, Conserve) gaming Metaverse. We are working to solve the issues in all three spheres of sustainability

Zuraverse is a story driven Metaverse being told from the perspective of Hippie Aliens. Starting from their arrival, to the first contact with humans and so on. There are 6 chapters in Season 1, which will be released at an interval of every 2 months in line with our Project Road Map. Watch the Story Trailer below

Zura Park is an Open Metaverse Island with multiple Land Parcels with Plethora of Games and VR/AR Experiences inspired by Endangered Wildlife Speices and various Cultures of the World

Zuraverse is an NFT driven metaverse where dynamic NFTs are being used for many purposes such as whitelisting, metaverse access, in-game playable NFTs, Governance rights, NFT Evolution, NFT burning, Staking/Hibernation and many more features.

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