Blockchain Brawlers to Launch Free Open Beta This Week

After adding more token utilities and the BRAWL-O-SEUM crafting feature, Blockchain Brawlers is finally ready to launch into open Beta. In fact, there will be a few major changes to its gameplay too. Read on to find out more!

Sep 18, 2022
by Akira Ming
Blockchain Brawlers to Launch Free Open Beta This Week

NFT game Blockchain Brawlers is moving into open Beta soon

The rowdiest P2E title Blockchain Brawlers has announced more details about its upcoming open Beta game. This time, the new build will be available for download on Steam (PC or Mac) starting from September 20th, 1 PM (PST). 

According to WAX Studios - the creator of Blockchain Brawlers - no BRWL, Gold, or XP will be granted in this test. However, the Beta program is free, and players do not need any NFTs to join. 

What are the changes to the gameplay?

In essence, there are 4 major changes to the gameplay of Blockchain Brawlers. Those who want to join the Beta test may want to pay attention, especially to the 1/3 card rule change. 

Based on the last Beta, the team noticed that many players tend to fold multiple times at the start of each round. To counter this, they have added the 1/3 card rule, giving more utility to the 1 and 3 cards. 

How it works is that whenever a player wins with a 1 or a 3 card in their hand after the hand resolves, 2 points (instead of 1) will be added to their Power Meter for each 1 or 3 card they played that round.

Another observation is that Power Meter tends to go up too soon, allowing players to deal big damage too quickly. To that end, the team has increased the starting health pool from 20 to 25, so players can take one or two more blows while adjusting to the changes. 

Besides that, they've also updated "Ties" to resolve correctly. When two players tie, both sides will receive full damage. Each of them will also have their Power Meters reset to 1. 

Finally, the last major change is related to the "Folding" mechanics when players have 6 cards max in their hands. For instance, if you fold with 6 cards in your hand, you can choose to discard all or some of your cards. 

Other than that, there are a few minor tweaks as well to several features in Blockchain Brawlers. You can refer to this blog post for details. In the next few days, the team will share the official link to download the game. So make sure to keep an eye on that!

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