Chikn Game July Recap and Roadmap Updates

Starting from July until August 2022, the Chikn game has undergone several developments and upgrades.

Aug 20, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Chikn Game July Recap and Roadmap Updates

These updates are about improving the overall player’s experience. In the first week of August, the development team shared the updates of the game. 

New Additions to the Chikn Game

  • A FarmLand leaderboard will track the player’s performance. It will help the players win recognition while playing and climbing up in the game. 
  • The players can have an unlimited FarmLand size. This functionality does not make a difference in the benefits players receive. But it helps with improving their position on the leaderboard. 
  • The owners of FarmLand can also name the farms. This will allow the players to set a different name than the wallet username. 
  • The players can also transfer NFTs from within the game without incurring any cost. 

While these are the new additions to the game, the players should explore some other in-game elements for a better experience. 

Exciting in-game Elements in the Chikn Game

  • The Chikn 3D metaverse will soon become a reality for the players. The developers have already laid the foundation for the same. 
  • The website will get a complete revamp. The developers are calling it “next-level experience”. The development team will implement the changes by the end of the 3rd quarter. 
  • The players can now submit their roosters in the Roostr Daycare. While feeding them regularly, they will automatically harvest $FERT. Plus, the players can also feed their roosters in one go. 
  • With foraging, the players can send chikns to the farmland and collect off-farm resources. These resources can be forged to build collectibles and upgraded NFTs. 
  • Besides foraging, the players can use breeding features. The complete information on breeding will be shared after its introduction in the fourth quarter of 2022. 
  • A mini-game is also under development called ChiknQuest.

While these are the developments players are waiting for, the Chikn game also have different types of tokens to understand. There is the $EGG token, working as the game’s utility token. The players will stake $EGG to get $FEED. $FEED tokens, on the other hand, have a capped supply of 12 billion. It is used to make the chikns grow. Lastly, the $FERT tokens are required to enhance the LP Farm rewards.

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