Fancy Birds Rolls Out Improved Autofeed, Power-Ups, Open Public Beta, and More

Players can now mass-feed their NFT Birds while playing and earning from Fancy Birds: Sky Wars beta. Here's how!

Sep 20, 2022
by Akira Ming
Fancy Birds Rolls Out Improved Autofeed, Power-Ups, Open Public Beta, and More

Polygon-based play-and-earn title Fancy Birds has just delivered a stream of in-game updates. This includes improved autofeed, mass crafting, and the launch of Fancy Birds: Sky Wars open beta with new power-ups. Let's take a closer look!

Improved Autofeed

Starting from now, players can mass-feed all of their NFT birds, regardless of whether they are rented out or not. This is a much-welcome feature, especially for guild owners with tons of Fancy Birds in their inventories. Players can earn FNC tokens from daily quests by feeding their birds on time. 

Mass Crafting in Fancy Birds

With this feature, players no longer need to craft potions or power-ups separately in the game. They just need to prepare all the necessary resources and choose all the items they want to craft at once. 

However, keep in mind that there's no guaranteed success in mass crafting. There is a 90% chance that a crafting attempt will be successful. And a 9% chance that crafting will fail, resulting in players losing all items used to attempt the craft. Furthermore, there is a 1% chance for the crafting to fail, but some items will be recovered and returned to the player.

Fancy Birds: Sky Wars public beta is now open to all Fancy Birds

Now here's the juicy part. If you're holding or renting a Fancy Bird, you can access and play Fancy Birds: Sky Wars beta starting September 20th, 1 AM (UTC). Previously, the beta version was only available to Season 3 Baby Birds NFT holders. 

To recap, Fancy Birds: Sky Wars is a new multiplayer PvP title from Fancy Studios. In every match, up to 10 birds (a.k.a. players) will shoot at each other to get the highest score before the game ends. There are also USDC prizes and NFT birds up for grabs, so make sure to check out the details here

Power-ups in Fancy Birds: Sky Wars

Lastly, there are three new power-ups that players would not want to miss in Fancy Birds Sky Wars, namely: 

  • Feeble Stick Shield: Protects your NFT bird from 1 hit per game. It is the simplest to craft and very useful for survival in the battle zone. The effect will last 1 hour after activation and takes only 5x Sticks to craft or 0.10 USDC to get one.  
  • Sturdy Wood Shield: Protects your NFT bird from 1 hit per game for up to 4 hours after activation. It takes 5x Sticks, 5x Gums, and 2x Fibers to craft. Alternatively, you can buy one for 1 USDC. 
  • Guardians Shield: This strong shield will protect your NFT bird from 1 hit per game - permanently. There's no way to craft this item, but you can get it from the Fancy Marketplace for 10 USDC each. 

According to the team, all these shields will be very useful to fend off those lethal Sniper Shot attacks which cause 3 damages in the game. 

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