Nyan Heroes secures $7.5 million for Solana-based AAA battle royale

The free-to-play NFT third-person shooter is set to launch in alpha in Q4 this year on the Solana network.

May 10, 2022
by Dragan
Nyan Heroes secures $7.5 million for Solana-based AAA battle royale

Nyan Heroes, an AAA play-and-earn battle royale, has successfully secured a huge sum of $7.5 million in their latest funding round.

The investors who participated include Kosmos Ventures, Crypto.com, Sino Global Capital, PetRock Capital, Shima Capital, Ancient8, Salad Ventures, Tess Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Master Ventures, 32-bit Ventures, Drops Ventures, Wave7, Moonchain Capital, Andromeda Capital and Snackclub – the last one actually being a gaming DAO which recently raised $9 million in a seed round.

The angel investors who took part include: Joel Madden, CryptoLark, Koroush, DataDash, A$AP Lou, CAGYJAN, Arnold Poernomo and Sol Legend.

Partner at Kosmos Ventures Vladimir Velmeshev said: 

“Sustainable P2E game economy is a buzz word of 2022, but the team at Nyan Heroes pioneered this concept almost a year ago. Cute cats piloting deadly mechs — it’s for sure going to be a fun and solid play!”

Closing the strategic round at a valuation of $100 million, Nyan Heroes will use the newly-acquired funds to add “new artists, designers, engineers, and community managers” to its experienced team, cover infrastructure costs, fund the alpha launch while also allocating capital “towards community outreach and marketing with a focus on providing thought leadership and resources to support the traditional gaming community’s adoption of Web3 gaming.”

Ronald Koo, the CEO of PetRock Capital commented the following:

“Max and his all-star team has placed strong consideration into all aspects of developing Nyan Heroes’ brand, gameplay, economics, and social elements. Our team is extremely excited and confident that Nyan Heroes, starting out as a battle royale TPS game, will be a hallmark in defining the future of web3 gaming and in triple-A Shooter based game categories”

In development for the Solana network, the free-to-play third-person shooter is being made by a team that mostly consists of AAA developers. Taking place in the sci-fi fantasy world of Nekovia, players play as Nyan cats strapped in Guardian Mechs of which there are 9 different Guardian classes. Alongside the 60-player battle royale mode there will be other game modes too, including a single-player/co-op PvE adventure mode, a Guild mode and an RPG mode. Those who’d like to create a guild will need to own land, which is slated to go into pre-sale in Q4 this year.

The game currently has 5 advisors: Thomas Vu, Brycent, Darren Lau, Mr. Block and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin.

A prototype of the NFT title is scheduled for Q3 2022, followed by the alpha launch in Q4 in this same year.

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