Phantom Galaxies Introduces Proof of Experience NFT to Track Player Progression

The Astrafite Rush event for Phantom Galaxies is currently in progress. In addition, they have introduced a new 'Proof of Experience' NFT for active players, which tracks players' progression and participation in the event. When the event concludes, this NFT will be used to claim rewards.

Nov 15, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Phantom Galaxies Introduces Proof of Experience NFT to Track Player Progression

Renowned Shooting game Phantom Galaxies is introducing a new 'Proof of Experience' NFT for its active users. It will log players' progress and involvement in the event. When the event concludes, this NFT will be utilized to claim awards.

Proof of Experience NFT monitors and records a player's progress through the event on the blockchain. Further, it covers information like:

  • quantity of Astrafite mined,
  • leaderboard position for each Cycle,
  • number of Fire Dancer Pirates destroyed, and
  • current token prizes won

Moreover, the Proof of Experience NFT will be given to any participant who contributes throughout an event cycle. Players who already have the NFT can upgrade their NFT with their most current stats. The Astrafite Rush event will finish on December 14th. 

The Phantom Galaxies team will provide participants a one-week grace time to log in to the website and preserve their progress. After then, the NFTs would no longer store any more data. Further, the window will shut on December 21st. At the same moment, the NFTs become tradeable and unlocked.

Phantom Galaxies will Help in Earning Rewards

The event's Astrafite prizes will be given on and after January 4th, enabling participants to sell or purchase their Progress Tracker NFTs. Furthermore, the claim website will open on January 4th, and gamers will be able to begin collecting their prizes. 

The rewards are tied to the NFT and will be distributed in 10% increments over ten months. Surprisingly, the Astrafite incentives come in ten different forms. This implies that the NFT may be sold at any time, and the present owner will forever be entitled to collect any future rewards. If a participant claims the first 2 months of rewards and then sells the NFT, the buyer may begin claiming any future monthly awards given to that NFT.

This is a great method to capture a player's engagement level in a simple NFT package and enable them to monetize it if they want. Furthermore, since KYC may be needed to receive prizes, some players may be reluctant to submit their personal information. They may swap the Progress Tracker NFT to someone else and continue to play and get experience.

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