Rebel Bots is set to begin Beta Testing in October 2022

October of 2022 will mark the beginning of Beta Testing for Rebel Bots, after many months of planning and development.

Oct 9, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Rebel Bots is set to begin Beta Testing in October 2022

When do you use Beta Testing?

Before a product is made available to the general public, it must first pass through a beta testing phase. Prior to the game's formal release to the general public, it is important to detect and repair as many problems and bugs as possible.

In addition to helping the development team by reporting bugs and other problems, beta testers may also contribute by providing general feedback on the game's entertainment value, difficulty level, and other aspects.

Anyone participating in the testing would be thrilled to get rewards. The Rebel Bots team also shared details on a rewards programme for beta testers.

Tester Rewards for Rebel Bots Beta Testing

You need to post them on your social media accounts and rave about the game to all of your followers. 

Rebel Bots will give you up to 500 RBLS tokens in exchange for your compliance. All rights to these tokens will become fully vested after six months. 

What are the components in the game that are completed so far?

The Rebel Bots team has completed the battle logic, which includes the artwork, abilities, passive skills, rules of the battle, and logic for each card. The meta-game parts are almost finished. It has tasks like buildings, leagues, seasons, user profiles, leaderboards, and challenges. The structure, configuration, and testing of the game's economy are also almost done. The team is currently working on the battle scene. The battle scene includes both PvE and PvP gameplay, matchmaking, attack and defense animations, and AI.

How can you obtain access to the Beta for Rebel Bots Xoil Wars?

Joining and using their Discord server is highly recommended. The group holds contests on its server, with beta access as the prize. Members with the highest number of Discord points for their contributions to the community are sometimes selected.

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