Square Enix has now become the 21st validator for blockchain gaming company Oasys

Square Enix is now a validator for the Oasys blockchain gaming platform. Square Enix is the same game publisher responsible for making the Final Fantasy games.

Sep 16, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Square Enix has now become the 21st validator for blockchain gaming company Oasys

Being a publisher means that Square Enix will provide security and computing power to Oasys’s PoS blockchain network. With this partnership, Square Enix has become the 21st initial node validator on the platform.

Bringing Blockchain Gaming to the Masses

Oasys is aiming to achieve mass adoption of blockchain gaming. Their partnership with Square Enix is supposed to contribute to their ambition and accelerate the mass adoption process. The Director of Oasys said, “With our partnership, we will be able to truly bring new experiences and empower gaming fans from all backgrounds while helping to establish the next stage of growth for blockchain entertainment.”

With this partnership and the previous ones, Oasys and crypto-native gaming partners want to build better user experiences. Together they are working towards shaping the future of blockchain gaming.

The Square Enix Blockchain Entertainment Division Director says, "We are excited to join the Oasys team and others in the gaming community on this project. Our shared enthusiasm for Web3 gaming makes this an exciting partnership for us, and we look forward to gaining insights that can advance the creation of all-new gameplay experiences for gamers across the globe.”

Oasys is Creating an Ecosystem

Oasys is working towards building an ecosystem for game developers and gamers. The purpose is to develop blockchain-based games and provide solutions to the issues game developers face.

The gaming platform will also share strategies to build the fastest network-powered gaming community. The network will have triple-A game developers and a blockchain system assisting community members with fast transactions, zero gas fees, and easy association with Oasys.

Amongst the 21 validators and partners of Oasys, ConsenSys and Mythical Games are two. ConsenSys is going to help produce an industry-first gaming-optimized wallet for players. Mythical Games is a leading crypto-native game development company, which is also serving as the initial validator for Oasys. 

About Oasys

Oasys takes inspiration from OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation). It’s a virtual reality of Ready Player One, and the project is designed to return the best value to the players via an ecosystem. Oasys is creating a world where players get entertainment and earn rewards via gameplay. 

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