The Sandbox K-Verse is Now Officially Live with 100,000 SAND in Prizes

Starting today until December 7th, those who complete all quests in K-verse will share a 100,000 SAND prize pool.

Nov 25, 2022
by Akira Ming
The Sandbox K-Verse is Now Officially Live with 100,000 SAND in Prizes

The Sandbox K-verse has arrived: Here's what you need to know

K-verse, a 3D virtual space featuring K-content in The Sandbox, is finally open to the public. With that, players can explore multiple experiences created by The Sandbox partners, such as K League, Anicube, Cube Entertainment, Meta Toy DragonZ, and more.  

To celebrate this occasion, the team has announced a 2-week mini-event offering SAND rewards to those who tour every corner of K-verse. As long as you've played all experiences, completed all quests, and had your account KYC'ed, you will get to share a 100,000 SAND prize pool. 

From November 24th to December 7th, all registered users in The Sandbox can enjoy 5 experiences as below: 

1st Wave: November 24th, 2 PM (UTC) to December 7th

  • K League Jumping Rush: A simple parkour course where players must avoid the approaching LED Bar and enter the safety zone. Don't be fooled; this game could be way more challenging than it looks. 
  • ANICUBEENT: Anicube Ent or Anicube Entertainment is a joint venture between Animoca Brands and Cube Entertainment. Here, players can hop into various K-pop-based performances and find out what a real music metaverse looks like. 
  • MTDZ Neverland: Developed by Meta Toy DragonZ, a P2E NFT game project, Neverland offers a casual gaming experience where players uncover the secrets of MTDZ. 

2nd Wave: December 1st, 2 PM (UTC) to December 7th

  • K-Village: K-Village is owned by Cube Entertainment in Korea. Notably, it features K-content based on popular IPs of Korean companies and local brands. Not only does it embody Seoul's landmarks representing Korea's past, present, and future eras, but it also hosts virtual offices of major domestic firms such as Hana Bank, Channel A, and Kangsong Museum of Art. 
  • K League Island: There are six floating islands, each with its own charm, for players to roam around in the K-League hub. As to what lies within this archipelago, it's up to the brave ones to discover. 

For more information, check out the official post here

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