The Sandbox Reveals Alpha Season 3 Leaderboard Winners

Those who took part in Alpha S3 can check their rankings and claim SAND if they're in the top 10,000 spots.

Nov 30, 2022
by Akira Ming
The Sandbox Reveals Alpha Season 3 Leaderboard Winners

The Sandbox (TSB) Alpha Season 3 Leaderboard gets finalized

After some delays, The Sandbox finally unveils the Alpha S3 leaderboard winners, who get to share a 1.5 million SAND prize pool. 

Initially scheduled on November 9th, the team postponed all sorts of prize claiming after receiving multiple complaints about cheaters in the game. Many players were found using bots and cheat engines during the entire Season 3.  

In Alpha S3, the team introduced new P&E mechanics in which players' rankings were calculated based on the number of quests finished and the time taken to complete them. 

But as bots and fake accounts were so rampant in the game, the team had to spend another month to validate these rankings. This was done to ensure that only genuine players get rewarded.

Now that the results are out, participants can view their rankings by logging into the TSB website. All they need to do is click "Claims" under their profile to see if they're eligible for prizes. If they are in the top 10,000, a leaderboard claim option will appear on the screen. 

Winners can walk away with SAND prizes according to the breakdown below: 

  • 1st place: 30,000 SAND
  • 2nd - 10th place: 5,000 SAND each
  • 11th - 200th place: 1,500 SAND each
  • 201st - 1,000th place: 750 SAND each
  • 1,001th - 10,000th place: 60 SAND each

What did the community say?

Finalizing the S3 results is something that many players were looking for, especially those grinding for the last 90 days, trying to rank in the top 10,000. 

However, many are still unhappy with the final results. Some claimed that the rankings remain essentially the same, while some pointed out that the completion times of the top 10 players (4 hours and a half on average) are too "fast" to be true. 

"Did it take a month for this? Almost nothing has changed in the ranking and they continue with absurd times in the lead. Sad," wrote @lucio_duh in a tweet. 

While the number of legit winners is anyone's guess, many can only hope that TSB has removed most, if not all, of the cheaters from the leaderboard. 

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