The Sorare Global Cup 2022 is Coming Real Soon: Here's the Scoop

Exclusive NFT cards, ETH rewards, and an IRL meetup with a legendary football coach are some of the prizes on the list.

Nov 12, 2022
by Akira Ming
The Sorare Global Cup 2022 is Coming Real Soon: Here's the Scoop

What you need to know about the Sorare Global Cup '22

In conjunction with the FIFA World Cup, Sorare is launching Global Cup '22, a free-to-play competition open to all football fans and Web3 gamers. The tournament will be played exclusively with Common cards, which are free digital player cards that Managers (a.k.a. players) select upon sign-up. 

Starting from November 20th, those who want to join the competition must build an original squad of 8 digital players within a budget of 100 points. As the event progresses, players will earn more cards to strengthen their troops. 

The tournament will occur in a series of game weeks or matchdays based on the schedule below. Each Matchday, Managers must select five players to form their Sorare Global Cup lineup. They'll need one Goalkeeper (GK), one defender (DF), one midfielder (MD), one forward (FW), and one additional outfielder (DF, MD, or FW).

There are two leaderboards that Managers will compete in: A Matchday Leaderboard and an Overall Leaderboard. Depending on their final positions, top-ranking Managers will walk away with fabulous prizes as below: 

Overall Leaderboard: 

  • The biggest prize is that the top 5 Managers will win an all-expenses paid trip to Marseille and play a five-a-side football match with Zinedine Zidane at the Z5 facility. Each winner can bring a guest of their choice. 
  • Managers that finish in 6th to 10th position will win 2x VIP tickets each to a football match that fits their schedule, geographic location, and Sorare's ticket availability. 
  • As for Managers that finish in the 11th to 100th position, each will receive an officially signed football jersey.

Matchday and Overall Leaderboard: 

  • Special Edition National Series cards: Players can win these NFT cards in the Global Cup or get one from the Manager Sales Marketplace. However, these cards cannot be used in this event or any Sorare Football tournaments. 
  • Limited NFT Cards: Limited cards will be given to the top 40,000 Managers on the Overall Leaderboard. Each of them will come in 1/1000 scarcity and can be used in any Sorare game throughout the season. 
  • Ethereum: The top three scoring Managers on each Matchday Leaderboard and the top 10 Managers on the Overall Leaderboard will walk away with various ETH rewards.
  • National Series Common cards: Players can also win Common cards as they progress through the event. No matter where they place on the leaderboard, each Manager is guaranteed a new National Series Common card. 

Of course, there are many more ways to play and earn in the Sorare Global Cup '22. More details are available in the official post here

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