Top 5 Solana Games to Keep an Eye for in 2023

As we move into the 2nd half of 2022, here are the top 5 Solana games gearing up for 2023. Take a look!

Jun 13, 2022
by Akira Ming
Top 5 Solana Games to Keep an Eye for in 2023

1. Nyan Heroes: 

Topping the list is Nyan Heroes, an immersive 3rd person NFT shooter game. In short, players will control Guardian Mechs with brave Nyan Heroes piloting them during any battles in the game. Those who emerge victorious will earn $NYN and $CTNP tokens as a reward. 

The project will have its 1st public sale of Guardian Mech NFTs in Q3 this year. These Guardians will be valuable companions to Nyans. After that, things will start to heat up. Tons of activities such as public token IDO, 2nd Guardian Mech drop, land pre-sale, and Alpha game release are set to happen in Q4. 

2. Genopets

Next, Genopets is the first move-to-earn MMORPG set to launch on the Solana network. Stay active with your NFT spirit animal, Genopet, and you will be rewarded with $KI tokens plus a healthier you! Based on the latest news, the project will launch the $KI token next week on June 20th.

There's no exact date yet, but the team is planning to release a Public Beta for the game - shortly after the token sale. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

3. BR1

Another interesting Solana game coming your way is BR1, the world's first risk-based 3rd-person shooter game. Here, the rules are simple. Pay $1 in SOL to spawn in the game, and earn the greater of 10% or $1 for every player you killed.

You will need to own a BR1 NFT Operative (Ape/Droid/Human) to play the game. So far, the game had released the genesis NFT collection for Ape Operatives. And the Droid NFT Operative NFT mint will happen anytime in Q2 2022. Shortly after that, the game should launch its Open Alpha. 

4. MonkeyLeague

MonkeyLeague (originally MonkeyBall) is a quick, turn-based NFT soccer game under development on Solana. In essence, players get to recruit a team of 4 monkeys and go head-on against another team in a soccer match. The first team to score 3 goals will win the match and earn some MonkeyBucks ($MBS) as a reward. 

As of writing, the project already completed its Monkey NFT drop and $MBS token launch. Just 2 days ago, Monkey NFT holders with at least 1,200 $MBS in their wallet managed to claim gear-ups for their team. Other than that, the $MBS staking and breeding capsule sale will happen anytime soon. By Q3 2022, the breeding season will begin together with the launch of Closed Alpha and Beta of the game. 

5. Synergy Land

Last but not least, meet Synergy Land, an upcoming blockchain ARPG on Solana. Inspired by Diablo and Path of Exile, players will get to explore dungeons and take on exciting adventures with their pets in this fantasy world. Those who manage to complete quests and dungeons will earn $ACN tokens. 

Looking at the roadmap, Synergian NFT holders can soon take part in the Synergian Badge NFT sale in July. By August, the project will launch the game's governance token $SNG. Coming up next will be the game character's pre-sale in October and finally the Land NFT pre-sale in December 2022. 

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