PlayToEarn FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the world’s first blockchain games list for all blockchain based crypto and nft (non-fungible-token) play to earn games. We make sure to provide you the most important blockchain gaming data possible. In addition to our list of blockchain games, we have a list of all blockchain game supported cryptocurrencies and nfts. To delve deeper into the world of blockchain games, gaming cryptocurrencies and gaming non fungible tokens, we also have a list of virtual world game land buildings.

What is a Blockchain Game?

A blockchain game is a video game that has some type of blockchain technology integrated into its game. This can be eigther the use of gaming cryptocurrency as a reward to its players or non fungible token rewards & usage in form of game items.

What is a Gaming Cryptocurrency?

Gaming cryptocurrency are cryptocurrencies that are built into video games to reward players for certain achievements. Most gaming cryptocurrencies are made for a specific game or pool of games by the same development team. These cryptocurrency gaming tokens can be requirements for certain functions in the game. That makes it an requirement to earn or trade those gaming crypto token to improve in the game.

What is a Non Fungible Token?

Non fungible tokens are tokens that are unique in contrast to classic cryptocurrencies where every token is the same. Every token has individual attributes. This makes it possible to tokenize items such as a sword in an action multiplayer game. The player can then own this nft token in his crypto wallet and buy, sell and trade nfts freely on marketplaces outside the game. This enables video game economies that give gamers the confidence that they own their game items 100%.

What is Play To Earn?

Play To Earn is a new term for video games where gamers can earn cryptocurrencies and nfts through their in-game activities. Earn bitcoin, ethereum, other cryptocurrencies and non fungible token game items by playing free crypto games or nft required blockchain games.

What is a Virtual World Game?

Virtual world games, sometimes also called metaverse, are blockchain games that open up a whole world that can be owned by their players. Players own virtual world land in form of a non fungible token. Virtual world land is a certain size of the virtual world game map that has a fixed supply. Virtual world land can be purchased in a presale event or through a secondary nft marketplace.

What is a Virtual World Game Land Building?

A virtual world game land building describes the building on a land in the virtual world. This land building can be anything from a game, nft art gallery, conference room and much more. The land owner can build whatever he wants on his virtual land.

What is the difference between a Crypto Game and a Blockchain Game?

A crypto game is a game where you can earn cryptocurrency by playing the game. A blockchain game is the parent category of crypto games. It includes to earn crypto in the game, but also the ability to use non fungible tokens or earn nfts in the game.

How to make money playing video games?

Perhaps the most frequently asked question is how to make money playing video games. The answer is quiete simple. Check out our blockchain games list and find your favorite play to earn crypto game to play. Have a look at the PlayToEarn score and start to earn cryptocurrency and non fungible tokens in the most rewarding blockchain games!