PlayToEarn provides the most accurate and unbiased data for blockchain games. All data that we receive from various sources are put through PlayToEarn’s various algorithms that ensure the quality of data. We actively listen to feedback from our users to enrich the quality of the data on our website.

Social Score

PlayToEarn tracks the community activity of blockchain games by looking at metrics from social media channels such as Twitter & user interactions on our website. Blockchain Games tend to experience tremendous growth in player numbers & asset trading when there is a strong social media community backing it. Our Social Score indicates that the community activity of a blockchain game is at a certain level based on their scoring results.


Getting your blockchain game listed on PlayToEarn is free and PlayToEarn representative will never ask you for any form of listing fees.

The blockchain game submission form is the only way to request for listings on PlayToEarn. Do not reach out through other channels, such as email or social media, because you will always be directed to this form.

NFT and cryptocurrency listings are synchronised data from third party websites like opensea and coingecko. There is no way to directly list NFTs & cryptocurrencies on our platform, except through the automated synchronisation from these platforms.

PlayToEarn reserves the rights to publish or unpublish any listed blockchain game, NFT or cryptocurrency on our site without prior notice if we feel that any of the presented information is inaccurate in any way. PlayToEarn will not provide an update if a blockchain game / NFT / cryptocurrency fails any part of the review process.

Listing Criteria

Fulfilling the following criteria does not automatically guarantee a listing as PlayToEarn also evaluates many other factors prior to listing any project on our site.

Do not submit multiple requests nor contact our team to repeatedly ask for status updates as it will add to the queue and delay the review process.

If your project is not listed, you may try to submit again some weeks/months later once your projects has made significant progress.

Listing Process

Updating a Listing

To update a listing find the edit page of the game by adding /edit to the game's detail page link.