New Blockchain Games List

# Name Genre Blockchain Device Status NFT F2P P2E Social 24h Social 7d
1 New!
Kingdomverse The newest and most exciting mobile game metaverse
Minigame PVP
Beta Yes Yes Crypto 1017+3.84%
2 New!
Action Adventure Idle
Presale Yes NFT NFTCrypto 971
3 New!
Inuko Finance
Inuko Finance Protect your assets in the bear market.
DeFi Minigame
Live Yes Crypto NFTCrypto 911-0.82%
4 New!
Plant Empires
Plant Empires Grow your plants, build your army, and survive!
PVP Tower-Defense
Live Yes NFT NFTCrypto 873
5 New!
Tales of Fimbulwinter
Tales of Fimbulwinter An immersive first-person open-world game
Action PVP RPG
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 840+6.59%
6 New!
The Ancestral Stones
The Ancestral Stones Highly strategic and competitive play to earn game
PVP RPG Strategy
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 840-10.45%
7 New!
Killer Karen
Killer Karen Arcade Slasher. NFT integration. Unreal Engine.
Action Arcade Battle-Royale
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 735+1.80%
8 New!
Citizen Conflict
Develop. Yes Yes NFTCrypto 628
9 New!
Versailles Heroes
Versailles Heroes MOBA game with real opponents and real rewards!
Beta Yes Yes Crypto 549-25.29%
10 New!
Galaxy Arena
Galaxy Arena Bridging the gap between Web 2.0 to 3.0!
Open-World Simulation
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 546
11 New!
Dragon Wars
Dragon Wars Turn-based strategy Game meet the Best NFT game!
PVP Strategy Turn-based
Live Yes Yes Crypto 466
12 New!
Pocket Space
Pocket Space Enjoy multiplayer, NFTs, and addictive gameplay!
Arcade Idle Space
Alpha Yes Yes Crypto 460-28.97%
13 New!
Acient Raid
Acient Raid a virtual universe of fantasy heroes for "P2E"
Card Fantasy Fighting
Develop. Yes NFT NFTCrypto 418
14 New!
Monsters Clan
Monsters Clan User-Controlled NFTGame on Binance!
Live Yes NFT Crypto 400
15 New!
BloodLoop is an MMO-FPS game, with a decentralized economy!
MMO PVP Shooter
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 400+60.00%
16 New!
Warp Game
Warp Game NFT starships, and multiplayer online Arcade games
Collectible Sci-Fi Space
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 368
17 New!
Tollan Worlds
Tollan Worlds Pixel 2D sandbox MMORPG owned by its players!
Adventure MMORPG PVP
Beta Yes Yes Crypto 367-1.97%
18 New!
Kingdom Quest
Kingdom Quest Building metaverse with 4 games using 1 token!
Adventure PVP RPG
Presale Yes Yes NFTCrypto 350
19 New!
Token Hunters
Token Hunters A game that takes you on a crypto treasure hunt!
Move-To-Earn Virtual-Reality
Alpha Yes Yes NFTCrypto 348-36.75%
20 New!
Ankots of Misteria
Ankots of Misteria Explore, and battle in a world packed with beasts!
Action Battle-Royale PVP
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 300+200.00%
21 New!
Derivative Outstation 119
Derivative Outstation 119 Integration of journey, entertainment, commerce!
Action PVP Racing
Alpha No NFT Crypto 281+22.21%
22 New!
Aotuverse #2 most viewed Anime on with 60 million fans!
MMO PVP Strategy
Alpha Yes Yes Crypto 250+400.00%
23 New!
PocketPals Collect, Battle, and Earn! NFT GameFi on Fantom!
Battle-Royale Collectible PVP
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 250+25.00%
24 New!
Eternal World
Eternal World Eternal world is a game with a large open world!
Adventure Fantasy Open-World
Live Yes NFT Crypto 250-28.57%
25 New!
Heroes Lineage
Heroes Lineage The First #RPG #NFT Game with Group Content!
Fantasy RPG Strategy
Alpha Yes NFT NFTCrypto 230-17.88%
26 New!
MetaForge Battle, build and socialize!
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 200+100.00%
27 New!
Seoul Stars
Seoul Stars K-Pop virtual Idol and rhythm and karaoke game!
Party PVP
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 150+50.00%
28 New!
AnyCivilization Explore the next-gen P2E and the NFT industry game
Adventure Open-World RPG
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 150
29 New!
Prajna Gate
Prajna Gate AAA blockchain horror FPS powered by Unreal Engine
Horror PVP Shooter
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 100+100.00%
30 New!
CosmicBreak #1 Japanese MMORPG battle shooter metaverse
MMO PVP Shooter
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 100+100.00%
31 New!
Onigiri Metaverse
Onigiri Metaverse The Leading Japanese MMORPG with 5M+ fans!
Action MMO RPG
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 100-50.00%
32 New!
Galactic War
Galactic War The biggest FPS NFTs game with AAA-Standard!
Action eSports Shooter
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 100
33 New!
Vulcano AAA gaming metaverse project on Binance!
Auto-Battler PVP Sci-Fi
Alpha Yes NFT Crypto 100
34 New!
Soul Splicers
Soul Splicers Building the next generation of blockchain gaming
Action Dungeon PVP
Live Yes NFT Crypto 100-66.67%
35 New!
Goal Champs
Goal Champs The most entertaining football game on blockchain!
Action PVP Sports
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 100+100.00%
36 New!
Puzziland Biconomic
Puzziland Biconomic A big change in the world of NFT and Play To Earn
Art Minigame Puzzle
Develop. Yes Yes NFTCrypto
No Data
No Data
37 New!
Stellum STELLUM is a space simulation game
Arcade Building Space
Live Yes Crypto NFTCrypto
No Data
No Data
38 New!
DarkSteel Win combats to earn rewards to become the best!
Action Battle-Royale RPG
Live Yes Yes Crypto
No Data
No Data
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