New Blockchain Games List

# Name Genre Blockchain Device Status NFT F2P P2E Social 24h Social 7d
1 New!
Bloomverse Only place on blockchain where gamers are first!
Adventure Open-World Simulation
Alpha Yes NFT Crypto 1749+44.52%
2 New!
Ariva Wonderland
Ariva Wonderland Metaverse geared towards tourism, own and earn!
Logic Open-World Simulation
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 1636+3.95%
3 New!
Pirates of Aarland
Pirates of Aarland A crazy pirate metaverse to earn learn & win loot!
Action Adventure
Alpha Yes NFT Crypto 1605
4 New!
Rio-X The only purpose of people now is SURVIVING!
Action PVP
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 1161-7.34%
5 New!
Project Eluune
Project Eluune trategize & battle tribes; Own what you build!
Adventure Open-World Strategy
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 779+2.99%
6 New!
Goldrush Finance
Goldrush Finance The First BNB Mining game with Safe Rewards Oracle
Adventure Card Mining
Develop. Yes NFT NFTCrypto 738-25.44%
7 New!
MetaShooter 1st decentralized blockchain hunting metaverse!
Action Shooter Simulation
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 734+3.79%
8 New!
Shatterpoint The first skill-based action RPG game for mobile!
Action RPG
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 713+13.15%
9 New!
Gino's Big Town Chef
Gino's Big Town Chef P2E cook-off game. the metaverse’s kitchen!
PVP Strategy
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 695-4.33%
10 New!
New Ganymede
New Ganymede A fun, co-op, multi-genre MMO game!
MMO Open-World
Presale Yes Yes NFTCrypto 559+7.22%
11 New!
Aether World
Aether World First side-scrolling idle RPG shooting NFT game!
Idle RPG Shooter
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 554+4.36%
12 New!
MeetsMeta first social networking metaverse built on chain!
Adventure Minigame Open-World
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 496+63.87%
13 New!
Souls of Meta
Souls of Meta 1st ever cross game multichain NFT metaverse game!
Action PVP RPG
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 488+15.71%
14 New!
Space Marvel
Space Marvel Timebased NFT game where players collect universes
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 439-2.18%
15 New!
Dragon War
Dragon War Turn-based strategy game meets the best NFT game!
Strategy Turn-based
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 419-24.63%
16 New!
Icons of Theia
Icons of Theia Assemble your Icons. Fight for Glory.
Board Strategy Turn-based
Alpha Yes Yes NFTCrypto 379+81.20%
17 New!
Every Farm
Every Farm I’m the farm owner from today!?
Casual City-Building Collectible
Presale No Yes Crypto 340+84.93%
18 New!
Cricket Star Manager
Cricket Star Manager Create teams, develop talents & train your players
Action Sports Strategy
Presale No Yes Crypto 319-6.54%
19 New!
ChainWars A space-themed, digital collectible card game!
Card Collectible Space
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 308
20 New!
MetaClash Science fantasy DAO-centered gaming metaverse!
Action PVP Strategy
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 304+47.60%
21 New!
Koakuma Adventure with friends, kill fierce monsters & win
Action MMO RPG
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 302-13.52%
22 New!
League of Empires
League of Empires First ever AAA MMORTS game on blockchain!
Action RPG Strategy
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 272-7.96%
23 New!
Generative Dungeon
Generative Dungeon World's 1st fully customizable, commune-driven RPG
Collectible RPG
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 266+21.15%
24 New!
CensWorld New Century; New World; New Story!
Open-World Simulation Strategy
Beta Yes Yes Crypto 250
25 New!
Legend of Galaxy
Legend of Galaxy Join the war as a leader, attack, plunder and win!
Card Logic Strategy
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 214+1.98%
26 New!
Definity Legend
Definity Legend Enjoy a gaming experience and earn money at once!
Action PVP
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 182-0.68%
27 New!
Double Jump
Double Jump The first race-to-finish, P2E platform-royale game
Action PVP Racing
Beta No NFT Crypto 175-26.36%
28 New!
CryptoSnowboard Build your crypto snowboard to earn tokens
Racing Simulation Sports
Presale Yes NFT NFTCrypto 150+50.00%
29 New!
Project Onyx
Project Onyx Multiple characters to choose from in this RPG!
Adventure RPG Strategy
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 116
30 New!
Neraverse The first Videogame NFT P2P and CLANS!
Action PVP Racing
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 30
31 New!
Exverse Free-to-play AAA third person shooter
Action Battle-Royale Shooter
Develop. Yes Yes NFTCrypto
No Data
No Data
32 New!
Lord of Dragons
Lord of Dragons The return of the REAL Classic MMORPG!
Adventure MMORPG PVP
Develop. No Yes NFTCrypto
No Data
No Data
33 New!
Desert Farm Game
Desert Farm Game Desert Farm NFT Game on Wax Blockchain Game.
Mining Simulation
Live Yes NFT NFTCrypto
No Data
No Data
34 New!
Pandemic Space Combat
Pandemic Space Combat craft, mine and play with pandemic space combat
Action Sci-Fi Simulation
Alpha Yes NFT NFTCrypto
No Data
No Data
35 New!
Eldarune Medieval RPG/Arena Game on Blockchain
Action PVP RPG
Alpha Yes NFT NFTCrypto
No Data
No Data
36 New!
Block Warrior
Block Warrior Summon, build, collect and win in this PVP brawler
PVP RPG Strategy
Beta Yes Crypto NFTCrypto 0
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