New Blockchain Games List

# Name Genre Blockchain Device Status NFT F2P P2E Social 24h Social 7d
1 New!
Yolee Battle, level up, & earn in this fantasy universe!
Card Open-World Strategy
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 355+47.28%
2 New!
X Heroes NFT War
X Heroes NFT War Worlds best Web3 turned based strategy game!
RPG Strategy Turn-based
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 120-2.92%
3 New!
World of Nifty Craft
World of Nifty Craft 2D Sandbox MMORPG with a player driven economy!
MMO RPG Strategy
Live Yes NFT Crypto 287+53.46%
4 New!
Top Down Survival Shooter
Top Down Survival Shooter Puts you in the middle of a battle for survival!
Action Shooter Survival
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 250
5 New!
The Heist
The Heist High-stakes, risk-based game of crime & corruption
DeFi Idle PVP
Live Yes NFT Crypto 333+1.83%
6 New!
The Hatch
The Hatch Play, survive and earn... Post apocalypse game!
Collectible PVP Survival
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 142+80.99%
7 New!
The AI CITY The AI City is a web3 multiplayer game with AI!
Battle-Royale PVP Racing
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 414
8 New!
Terra Darwin
Terra Darwin Open-world survival strategy RPG game!
Open-World RPG Survival
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 303-14.42%
9 New!
Starwin Play to earn game platform
Beta No Yes Crypto 409-21.49%
10 New!
Soccer Crypto
Soccer Crypto A combination of passion for football & blockchain
PVP Sports
Alpha Yes Yes Crypto 137-17.40%
11 New!
SILKS Real Ownership, Real Races, Real Rewards!
eSports PVP Racing
Live Yes NFT Crypto 211-35.75%
12 New!
SERAPH In the Darkness
SERAPH In the Darkness First Action RPG NFT Equipment Collect & Loot Game
Adventure RPG
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 434
13 New!
RocketDash Build, Race, Earn in this NFT racing game!
PVP Racing
Live Yes NFT Crypto 50
14 New!
Race Earth
Race Earth The biggest car racing game in the Metaverse World
Action PVP Racing
Alpha Yes NFT Crypto 50
15 New!
Pool Party
Pool Party Game combining multiple economic game theories!
DeFi PVP Strategy
Live Yes Crypto Crypto 397-16.53%
16 New! Put your chips in its time to play POKER!
Card PVP Strategy
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 92+161.15%
17 New!
Planet Eaters
Planet Eaters The First Battle Hunt Game on the Blockchain!
Action Battle-Royale PVP
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 100-33.33%
18 New!
Petmapping Mobile game that's easy, fun & reliably rewarding!
Logic Minigame
Live Yes Yes Crypto 393+61.60%
19 New!
Party Royale
Party Royale A theme park for the metaverse generation!
Battle-Royale PVP Survival
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 915-8.54%
20 New!
Pancake Protector
Pancake Protector An immersive tower defense game!
PVP Tower-Defense
Beta Yes NFT Crypto
No Data
No Data
21 New!
Outlaws Brawl
Outlaws Brawl One of the first/third person view shooter games!
Action PVP Shooter
Beta Yes Yes Crypto 55-65.71%
22 New!
Ordz Games
Ordz Games The 1st GameFi on BTC powered by $OG!
Arcade Minigame PVP
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 1081+6.69%
23 New!
Mobaverse Build a interoperable future in mobaverse!
Alpha Yes NFT Crypto 267-3.80%
24 New!
Metaverse Battle Game
Metaverse Battle Game Destroying the other tanks declares you winner!
Action Battle-Royale PVP
Alpha Yes NFT Crypto
No Data
No Data
25 New!
MarbleVerse Enjoy racing, winning, earning and owning art!
PVP Racing
Live Yes Yes Crypto 443-7.21%
26 New!
Mage Wars
Mage Wars Build a tower, fight in the arena and earn BNB!
DeFi Strategy Tower-Defense
Live Yes Yes Crypto 273-0.96%
27 New!
LunaOne Game earn shop study work socialize & entertain!
Open-World Social
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 300-25.40%
28 New!
Legends A world of mystery and magic!
Adventure RPG
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 0
29 New!
Land Of Darkness
Land Of Darkness We will bring you Land of Darkness soon...
Develop. Yes Yes No 286-9.73%
30 New!
Labrado Strategic Investment Game!
DeFi Logic PVP
Live Yes NFT Crypto 55-24.66%
31 New!
Knights & Peasants
Knights & Peasants Knights & Peasants is an NFT based game!
Adventure Dungeon
Presale Yes Yes NFTCrypto 300
32 New!
Kingdom Token
Kingdom Token Medieval-based staking game with high APYs
DeFi Idle
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 107-0.01%
33 New!
HEAL3 Web3 Move to Earn app with Game-Fi elements!
Move-To-Earn Sports
Presale Yes NFT NFTCrypto 604+35.05%
34 New!
Haven's Compass
Haven's Compass FPS on Unreal Engine in a Futuristic world setting
Action PVP Shooter
Alpha Yes NFT Crypto 763-4.29%
35 New!
Gooeys A game to keep your Gooey's Food Store above zero!
Breeding Strategy
Live Yes NFT Crypto 151+196.66%
36 New!
Golf Impact
Golf Impact World's first-ever web3 mobile golf!
Action PVP Sports
Beta Yes NFT Crypto 265+8.23%
37 New!
GDC World
GDC World Enjoy Yourself In an Amazing, Evolving World!
Minigame Virtual-Reality
Live Yes NFT Crypto 2585+12.71%
38 New!
Galactic Reborn
Galactic Reborn Discover the unknown and expand your empire!
Action Sci-Fi Space
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 261+58.23%
39 New!
eSkillz Soccer
eSkillz Soccer Step onto the pitch & experience true soccer!
eSports PVP Sports
Develop. Yes Yes Crypto 314+21.09%
40 New!
eSkillz Pool
eSkillz Pool Show your skills by pocketing them all!
PVP Sports
Beta Yes Yes Crypto 364+17.68%
41 New!
eSkillz Golf
eSkillz Golf Game. Earn. Bet. Own. Win!
PVP Sports
Beta Yes Yes Crypto 314+21.09%
42 New!
EOS Gold
EOS Gold Begin your adventure as Arcana, avatar of gods!
Adventure Dungeon MMORPG
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 447-6.19%
43 New!
Edge of Chaos
Edge of Chaos The metaverse and a next-gen persistent MMO game
Fantasy MMO RPG
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 473+63.45%
44 New!
Dragon's Crossing
Dragon's Crossing Play the first complete Web3 RPG!
Adventure Dungeon RPG
Presale Yes NFT Crypto 837-3.48%
45 New!
Domenation Competitive shooter game set in a future world!
Action PVP Shooter
Presale Yes Yes Crypto 150-40.00%
46 New!
Demon Spawn Survivor
Demon Spawn Survivor 2D twin stick arena shooter survivor game!
Action Shooter Survival
Live Yes Yes Crypto 237+26.74%
47 New!
D.G.Pals Interoperable multi-chain NFT Web3 gaming platform
Adventure PVP
Live Yes NFT Crypto
No Data
No Data
48 New!
Crypto Surferz
Crypto Surferz A play 2 earn metaverse with upgradable NFTs.
Live Yes Yes NFTCrypto 1338+2.68%
49 New!
Crypto Elite's Battlegrounds (CEBG)
Crypto Elite's Battlegrounds (CEBG) First Anime MOBA BattleRoyal game on blockchain!
Battle-Royale MOBA PVP
Beta Yes Yes Crypto 358+20.44%
50 New!
CrosmoShooter An arcade shooter game with endless levels!
Action PVP Shooter
Develop. Yes NFT Crypto 204-32.09%
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