10 Upcoming Games by Netmarble using Blockchain Technology

Prominent mobile game company Netmarble unveils its blockchain based games lineup for 2022–23.

May 5, 2022
by Michael
10 Upcoming Games by Netmarble using Blockchain Technology

Netmarble is a reputable South Korean mobile games developing studio founded on the 1st of March, 2000 by Bang Jun Hyuk.

It has produced notable games such as BTS WORLD, District 187: Sin Streets, Dragon Ball Online, and Grandchase, among many others.

On the 12th of January, 2022, it acquired ITAM CUBE, a BSC Gamefi project. This acquisition was made to introduce the brand into the blockchain gaming ecosystem, thereby securing the P2E infrastructure and technology.

Recently, Netmarble also launched its own token, which now works with the MARBLEX wallet via a Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain ecosystem.

This week, ITAM CUBE released an update for its supporters and disclosed its game lineup for 2022-23 under the NetMarble imprint.

Below are the 10 upcoming blockchain games:

1. Golden Bros

A 3v3 mobile shooting game with exciting team fights and exclusive NFTs. It is scheduled for grand launch mid-2022.

2. Yokai: Dual

This RPG mobile game is the blockchain version of the gaming classic “Yokai: Dual”. The narrative is captivating and the action sequences are thrilling.

3. Meta Football

This is a comprehensive mobile multiplayer soccer game designed as a P2E and is based on the mobile game “Extreme football”. It promises to be the complete package.

4. Meta Tennis

An action-packed tennis arcade game that combines tennis with RPG. It is considered an upgrade on the original version “Ultimate Tennis”.

5. Meta Basketball

This game combines blockchain technology with all the essentials of a proper basketball game. It is based on “The Slam”.

6. Seven Deadly Sins: Origin

This is an adventure-based mobile game with an original story based on the world of “Seven Deadly Sins”.

7. Arthdal Chronicles

This is a new MMORPG based on the popular TV series having the same name. The game follows the power tussle between the inhabitants of the ancient city of Arthidal.

8. Overprime

This is a team-based strategy action game in which two teams of various heroes fight to destroy each other.

9. Grand Cross W

This is a strategic game in which users from all over the world gather in one space to engage in large-scale battles in real-time

10. Grand Cross S

Grand Cross S is a collection-type RPG that provides entertainment using streaming. It is based on the “Grand Cross” universe.

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