5 Best Browser-Based NFT Games Similar to Krunker

If you’re looking for some similar action like Krunker to enjoy in blockchain gaming, then these 5 browser-based NFT games might be the best ones to go for right now.

Jul 25, 2023
by Dragan
5 Best Browser-Based NFT Games Similar to Krunker

Looking for some shooter action similar to Krunker but in the world of blockchain gaming to enjoy while potentially earning along the way? Then these 5 titles may be the best browser-based NFT games similar to Krunker that you can play right now.


Ev.io might be the best blockchain arena FPS currently out there. It sports low-poly environments to double jump and slide your way through with varied weapons placed throughout maps to use next to your loadout which, next to your primary, consists of a katana and various abilities you can use to outwit your opponents, including teleportation. It runs on the Solana network and is playable through browsers as a free-to-play title across 4 different game modes, without needing to connect a wallet. In order to earn, you need to own an NFT skin, letting you play in modes where getting kills earn you an in-game currency that can be converted to $SOL.     

Mighty Action Heroes

Mighty Action Heroes is a top-down battle royale which just launched in open beta earlier this month, making it completely free for anyone to hop in and play by connecting your crypto wallet. The 3D title features a cast of different heroes to play with, each of which differs in 4 stats that affect playstyle. There are also special abilities to use next to the myriad of weapons, culminating in action-packed gameplay that you might enjoy playing, even if it is an early access version.

Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations is a colorful first-person shooter that can be played without connecting a wallet, currently featuring Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag game modes, with more on the way. Saving progress does require creating an account, which also then lets you earn daily and battle pass rewards. You can set up private matches using various settings, and even play through a single-player campaign, as well as join clans through which you may have a chance of earning some $SOL. Loadouts can be customized with modern weapons, and you change the look of your character to a different skin, with developer Faraway endorsing user-generated content by letting creators make their own UGC skins. There’s also a map creator program too.


Panzerdogs is a PvP tank brawler playable as a free-to-play title through web browsers as well as on mobile devices. It features top-down gameplay across Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and Escort game modes, the latter being similar to the Payload mode in Team Fortress 2, with more modes set to be released in the future. Initially on Solana, the game is live on the Sui Network and is comprised of cartoonish visuals with customizable tanks. While you can practice offline without an account, enjoying the full experience and saving your progress does require making one, letting you earn rewards from the free track of the battle pass, with the current one featuring beach-themed rewards. 

NAKA Strike (Nakamoto Games)

Nakamoto Games is a play-to-earn platform boasting a wide range of arcade games to enjoy. Among them is NAKA Strike, a browser FPS which has a single-player and multiplayer version. The former is free to play, while the latter is not, requiring you to purchase tickets using $NAKA in order to play and have a chance at earning the same token. Either way, you’re placed into a team-based match either against AI or actual players, with each match lasting 15 or until one team gets 40 kills, making it a simple but quick game to hop into.

If you’d like to find more browser-based NFT games that may or may not be similar to Krunker, then you can do so through our website here.

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